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Our company has partnered over 350 clinical research trials utilizing numerous imaging modalities such as MRI, PET, CT, SPECT, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound and X-ray.
We are well versed in all the complexities associated with clinical trials including onboarding, training, image submission and ongoing QC.
All of our processes are designed to ensure subject anonymity. Our contributions are improving the lives of those suffering with liver disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity and orthopedic maladies. No company in the region is more experienced with managing your clinical research support needs.
Houston Medical Imaging is at the forefront of clinical research trial support. With a robust track record, we’ve successfully partnered in over 350 clinical research trials, harnessing a wide array of modalities utilizing our industry leading imaging capabilities including MR Elastography, MRI Proton Density Fat Fraction (PDFF), Liver Multiscan, PET/CT Amyvid and Neuroceq Brain Imaging, High Resolution MR Brain imaging for the evaluation of dementia, RECIST CT imaging specific to Oncology, SPECT CT Nuclear Medicine in support of Oncologic therapy assessment along with countless other cutting edge capabilities.

Our expertise extends to every facet of clinical trials, encompassing onboarding, training, meticulous image submission, and continuous quality control. At the heart of our operations is a steadfast commitment to ensuring the utmost subject anonymity.

Our invaluable contributions have a direct impact on improving the lives of individuals grappling with a range of conditions, including liver disease, Alzheimer’s, cancer, obesity, and orthopedic maladies. When it comes to managing your clinical researc support needs, no other company in the region boasts our level of experience and proficiency. Trust us to be your unwavering partner in advancing medical research.


Houston Medical Imaging has supported over 350 clinical research trials bringing new understanding to liver disease, Alzheimer’s, Osteoporosis, Obesity, Orthopedic maladies and many others. PARTNERS Houston Medical Imaging has partnered with virtually all of the major pharmaceutical companies including, Merck, Pfizer, Eli Lilly and AstraZeneca to name just a few. COMPETENT Due to our vast experience supporting clinical research trials, our technologists are well versed in not only the complexities of processing research subjects, but also the technical challenges including unique protocol creation and image submission to central reading vendors such as ICON, Ambra, and Perspectum.


Houston Medical Imaging was an early leader in support of NASH and NAFLD research trials partnering with Perspectum, Summit Medical Research and other thought leaders in the sphere of liver disease research.

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With our extensive and diverse experience hosting over 350 imaging dependent research studies, likely no other outpatient imaging group in America is more capable of successfully contributing to the support of your clinical research trials.


MRI PDFF, MRE in support of a wide range of liver diseases such as NASH and NAFLD. High Resolution
MR Brain imaging in support of dementia and Alheimer’s trials.


Numerous support applications including evaluation of Ascites in liver disease and women’s health.


Amyvid and Neuroceq Brain Imaging in support of Alheimer’s trials. PSMA Prostate Imaging used in detection of prostate cancer.


Whole body DXA in the study of obesity. Hip and Lumbar DXA in support of Osteoporosis evaluation.

Meet Our Team

Suja Lukose - Clinical Director of Shepherd Location

Suja embarked on her radiology career in 1994 and has been an esteemed associate of HMI since 2006. Her extensive experience and exceptional skills have positioned her as a top-tier MRI technologist. Suja’s unparalleled expertise and meticulous attention to detail make her the quintessential MRI Technologist for overseeing clinical research imaging support. Her track record speaks for itself as she has successfully qualified and supported over 150 clinical trials.

Brian Mobley - Director of Clinical Research

Brian began his career in diagnostic imaging as a Marketing Representative in 1993. Since that time, he advanced to various management positions within the imaging sector including Facility Director, District Manager (Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana), Executive Vice President and, eventually, owner of two outpatient imaging centers. In 2019, Brian joined HMI and has since become the Director of Clinical Research managing over 300 modalities in support of clinical research trials.

Zaki Adem - Director of Nuclear Medicine

Zaki’s career in radiology began in 2001 and he joined HMI in 2008. What sets Zaki apart from many of his peers is his dedication to self-improvement. While at HMI, Zaki has added the roles of Radiation Safety Officer and Nuclear Medicine Director all while pursuing advanced educational degrees.

Carlena Blanco - Patient Services Manager

In 2015, Carlena joined Houston Medical Imaging and quickly became an integral part of the team. Today as the patient services manager, she serves as a crucial liaison connecting with site managers, clinical research Coordinators, and physicians, forming a vital bridge that ensures smooth flow of communication and operations.

Mary Cano - Patient Research Coordinator

Mary ensures patients understand procedures, coordinates with research coordinators, and maintains effective communication. Her efforts contribute to meeting deadlines and leaving patients with smiles on their faces.