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Diego Roldan, General Manager

Diego Roldan, General Manager has been with Houston Medical Imaging for over 20 years. He develops and implements all policies and procedures regarding operations and staffing for Houston Medical Imaging. Diego works exclusively with our IT department to ensure our software is working efficiently for scheduling, making appointments, and generating results for patients. He also works with our equipment manufacture partners to ensure that Houston Medical Imaging has the most advanced technology and all of our technologists are trained appropriately for the new equipment. In all areas of the company, Diego is responsible for all department quality standards, handling any challenges to meet radiology requirements and provide optimal customer service to our community of physicians and patients.

Suja Lukose, Clinical Director of Shepherd Location

Suja embarked on her radiology career in 1994 and has been an esteemed associate of HMI since 2006. Her extensive experience and exceptional skills have positioned her as a top-tier MRI technologist. Suja’s unparalleled expertise and meticulous attention to detail make her the quintessential MRI Technologist for overseeing clinical research imaging support. Her track record speaks for itself as she has successfully qualified and supported over 150 clinical trials.

Brian Mobley, Director of Clinical Research

Brian began his career in diagnostic imaging as a Marketing Representative in 1993. Since that time, he advanced to various management positions within the imaging sector including Facility Director, District Manager (Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana), Executive Vice President and, eventually, owner of two outpatient imaging centers. In 2019, Brian joined HMI and has since become the Director of Clinical Research managing over 300 modalities in support of clinical research trials.

Zaki Adem, Director of Nuclear Medicine

Zaki’s career in radiology began in 2001 and he joined HMI in 2008. What sets Zaki apart from many of his peers is his dedication to self-improvement. While at HMI, Zaki has added the roles of Radiation Safety Officer and Nuclear Medicine Director all while pursuing advanced educational degrees.

Carlena Blanco, Patient Services Manager

In 2015, Carlena joined Houston Medical Imaging and quickly became an integral part of the team. Today as the patient services manager, she serves as a crucial liaison connecting with site managers, clinical research Coordinators, and physicians, forming a vital bridge that ensures smooth flow of communication and operations.

Mary Cano, Patient Research Coordinator

Mary ensures patients understand procedures, coordinates with research coordinators, and maintains effective communication. Her efforts contribute to meeting deadlines and leaving patients with smiles on their faces.

Erica Yanez, Breast Imaging Director

Erica Yanez has been in the Diagnostic Imaging Career Field for over 25 years and holds certifications in X-Ray, Mammography and Ultrasound. In 2006 Erica was selected as the Senior Diagnostic Imaging Manager of the year for the entire Air Force. Erica joined HMI in March of 2023 and is passionate about Women's Imaging in part because her favorite aunt is a breast cancer survivor. Finally, Erica holds a Bachelor's degree in Health Care Administration and a Master's in Business Administration.

Tabatha Simpson, Marketing Director

Tabatha has over 20 years of pharmaceutical leadership and has been with HMI nearly a year. She is responsible for all marketing, advertising, social media and leading our marketing team.

Kimberly Bridwell, Chief Technologist

Kimberly Bridwell, has been with HMI for 13 years, working in CT and MRI. She is the Chief Technologist and oversees all of the Technologists at HMI.

Silvia Flores - Office Manager


Ada Guadron, RDMS Pearland Clinical Director

Ada works with HMI as an Ultrasound Sonographer and the Pearland Clinical Manager.

Julie Roman, Revenue Cycle Manager

Julie has over 20 years' experience in radiology billing and customer service. Julie joined HMI in 2019 as the revenue cycle manager. Julie manages the financial processes and operations related to HMI's billing and revenue cycle. Julie is a results driven professional committed to providing exceptional customer service through in-depth problem solving..


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