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Cardiac CT Angiography combines the latest retrospective and prospective ECG Gated acquisition technology with sophisticated algorithms to capture clear, concise information of the heart, over a wide range of heart rates and irregularities.


CT Coronary also provides the sophisticated protocols you need to achieve CCTA and Calcium Scoring data in a single exam. The strength of the SCENARIA CT Vascular CT Angiography capabilities lie in its advanced design that facilitates peripheral angiograms over a z-axis length up to 200cm. This enables sophisicated run-off studies and trauma assessments to be performed with greater speed and coverage


Your doctor should give you instructions about how to prepare for your CT angiogram. Usually, you’ll be asked not to eat anything for about four hours before your test.

– Patients cannot have anything to eat or drink at least 4 hours prior.

– No caffeine or nicotine for 12 hours prior.

– No blood pressure medication the day of the exam.

– Male patients cannot take Viagra or Levitra for at least 12 hours prior.

– You can drive yourself to the appointment, and you’ll be able to drive home or to work after your test.