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enesMon - Sat 08:00 - 16:00 (713) 797-1919
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HITACHI PREIRUS Ultrasound System

Hitachi has developed a rich technological expertise which now delivers the HI VISION Preirus – a new generation ultrasound platform with advanced ergonomic architectural design, the latest broadband beamforming technology and ultra high speed processing capability.

The unique design of the HI VISION Preirus platform allows precise adjustment to facilitate the performance of any examination by any operator.

With its super slim-line footprint, and operator console with large digital LCD viewing monitor moving together in a rotational arc, positioning at the bedside can be optimized to make diagnosis a more comfortable experience for you and your patient.

The art of effective imaging – customized scanning parameters are combined with high speed image processing for improved diagnostic confidence. Proven innovative technologies confer superior penetration, temporal, spatial and contrast resolution giving high quality images for every patient every time.