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Fireside Chat with Dr. Randy Stenoien, CEO

Houston Medical Imaging has been using the GE AIR™ Coils and the AIR™ Touch and most recently added the AIR™ Recon DL technology. This technology will allow us to continue to serve a diverse group of patients while increasing our volume of complex studies. These additions allot for HMI to remain truly one-of-a-kind and at the forefront of technology. 

“The real big advantage I get with AIR™ Recon DL is the fact that we’re getting the same quality of images; indeed better quality imaging. If we’re talking about our prostates or our high-end neuro, or even the pituitary study that we went over today. So, we’re getting great images in about half the time. Immediately, you can begin to change your image slots.” -Dr. Randy Stenoien, CEO of Houston Medical Imaging

Dr. Stenoien continues by saying, “Within several days of becoming comfortable that we had the right protocols in place, we changed our schedule. We changed the slot limits. We’ve increased the number of patients we’re doing per day. So, pretty immediately, we’ve seen an impact on our volume.” Better image quality in a shorter amount of time allows HMI to have a varied schedule with a range of complex studies while also increasing patient intake. 

The first HMI site to receive and operate with the GE AIR™ Recon DL technology is our Pearland clinic. According to Dr. Stenoien, “Little Pearland, TX, which is a big, little town really has the state-of-the-art technology that can’t be matched anywhere in the state.” 

Here is Dr. Stenoien’s testimonial about the AIR™ Recon DL technology: