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December 23, 2011

The First HTML 5 Radiology Viewer Approved by the FDA
Review of Vue Motion Medical Image Viewer

By: Wouter Stomp, MD

As we recently reported, Carestream has received FDA clearance for its Vue Motion HTML 5 based medical image viewer. This is a major step forward in ensuring cross-platform availability, theoretically making it accessible from any device that has a web browser.

Although other vendors have released apps for the iPad and other tablets to access their PACS systems, Vue Motion is the first web-based viewer that we know of that can be accessed from tablets without installing additional software. We took the viewer for a spin, testing it on a variety of devices. We received access to a demo server from Carestream which had several example patients with modalities including x-ray, ultrasound, CT and MRI.


First up, of course, was the iPad. Our tests were performed on an iPad 2 as recommended by Carestream.

They recommend turning the brightness all the way up and provide a link to some calibration images from the login screen (although other than brightness there is not much that you can change on an iPad).

After browsing to the server address and entering our credentials, we were presented with a search box to look up patient studies.