A tradition of Excellence in Patient Care


October 15, 2005

Randall A. Stenoien MD, CEO of Houston Medical Imaging the recipient of the Estrella De Panama Cancer Award.

President Martin Torrijos Espino, First Lady Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos, Randall A. Stenoien MD in the Presidential Palace, Panama City, Panama

Dr. Randall Stenoien has, with the extensive help of Dr. Adan Rios, Fondacion Adan Rios, Cable and Wireless Panama and Houston Medical Imaging, provided charity CT imaging interpretations for Hospital Chicho Fabrega in Santiago de Veraguas, Panama, since July, 2003. In that time, over three thousand patients have had their images sent to Houston Medical Imaging for timely and accurate diagnosis. These interventions have saved lives, with examples documented in the article published by Houston Medicine in 2005: Teleradiology Initiative in Rural Panama.

This award was given to four physicians, including Dr. Adan Rios of Oncol Therapeutics. At the time, Dr. Stenoien announced the donation of a mammographic diagnostic machine from Houston Medical Imaging to the First Lady, Licenciada Vivian Fernandez de Torrijos. This unit will be placed in a public hospital in Penonome, Panama. This donation was accomplished with the generous assistance of Fundacion Adan Rios.