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July 6, 2013

Practice Fusion Launches Medical Imaging API

First-of-its-kind API digitizes imaging for tens of thousands of practices

Practice Fusion, the largest physician-patient platform in the US, today announced the launch of its Medical Imaging API to digitally connect imaging centers to physicians. Upcoming changes in the Meaningful Use federal EHR incentive program will require physicians to order and receive imaging results electronically, putting pressure on the $100 billion a year imaging industry to offer their services through an EHR, as pharmacies and labs have done in recent years. Practice Fusion’s API offers imaging centers the first single-interface solution capable of serving all their clients.

Imaging centers who connect with the API establish a single connection available to any provider who requests integration. This simple, cost-effective solution also gives hospital-based and independent imaging centers exposure to tens of thousands of referring providers looking for a digital imaging connection to fulfill Meaningful Use. Connection is free to providers and Practice Fusion’s implementation teams can rapidly integrate providers in a matter of days or weeks.

Imaging providers including Envision Imaging, Inglewood Imaging, Houston Medical Imaging, United Diagnostic Services and Landmark Medical Center have already joined Practice Fusion’s partnership network.

Key Facts:

- There are 7,000 licensed medical imaging centers in the US, providing x-ray, ultrasound, MRI, PET/CT scan, mammography and other diagnostic imaging services
- Imaging centers have few digital connections with providers compared to pharmacies and labs, who were included in Meaningful Use from the start of the program
- The upcoming stage 2 of the Meaningful Use program requires that physicians receive imaging results within an EHR and order 30% of their radiology reports electronically
- 85 percent of medical professionals on Practice Fusion regularly order imaging studies, with a typical doctor ordering 1-2 every day and 25 percent ordering more than 10 studies a week
- Practice Fusion’s existing lab API has enabled nearly 250 clinical labs to connect to tens of thousands of medical professionals, and the Practice Fusion platform now processes nearly one million lab orders every month and 100,000 prescriptions every day
- For more information, visit www.practicefusion.com/imaging


- Ryan Howard, Founder and CEO of Practice Fusion - "It's 2013, yet MRI orders are still written on carbon forms and radiology reports are still delivered in manila envelopes. We’re modernizing and democratizing this crucial health technology by going directly to doctors and patients. Our API platform cuts through the bureaucratic bloat that has kept healthcare stuck on paper."
- Bradley Schmidt, CEO of Inglewood Imaging: "Many of the more than 700 physicians we work with in Los Angeles county are already using Practice Fusion so this partnership is a strategic step for both companies. We want to eliminate the technological barriers stopping doctors from doing their best work. This partnership will make it easier for doctors to run their practice more efficiently and provide better care to patients."
- Stephanie Corbin-Helms, Regional Marketing Director at Envision Imaging: "Patients and physicians choose Envision Imaging because they can set a convenient appointment time, receive a quality scan and have accurate diagnostic results delivered quickly. Practice Fusion makes this whole process streamlined and digital, creating a great experience for both patients and physicians."

About Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion’s health platform delivers revolutionary technology to doctors and patients. Founded in 2005, the company disrupts the status quo by offering a free, web-based electronic health record (EHR) system and complete practice management suite for physicians. In April 2013, the company launched its consumer-facing platform, Patient Fusion, where patients can find and book appointments with doctors and access their medical records. Practice Fusion is a driving force in modernizing American health care, used by a community of 150,000 medical professionals serving 65 million patients. The World Economic Forum recognized Practice Fusion as a Technology Pioneer in 2012. For more information about Practice Fusion, please visit www.practicefusion.com.