A tradition of Excellence in Patient Care


February 12, 2007

Houston Medical Imaging several years ago, with great effort and at significant expense, successfully completed the tasks that enabled JACHO certification. We have taken great pride in being one of the few, if not only, outpatient imaging centers in the Houston area with such certification. We have throughout all these years adhered to the standards of care that the Joint Commission requires. We have also prided ourselves on maintaining “State of the Art” diagnostic medical equipment.

As you are aware, Medicare has recently substantially cut the reimbursement for outpatient imaging and general radiological procedures. We have also experienced very significant cuts in reimbursement by several of the local insurance companies. Despite substantial growth in referrals, declining reimbursement has adversely affected our ability to keep up with a variety of “soft costs” such as certification with the Joint Commission. Additionally, we have found that these intense efforts and added financial expense have been largely ignored by insurance companies; JACHO certification gives HMI no additional advantage over imaging centers that are not certified.

After a great deal of deliberation, the medical staff of Houston Medical Imaging has decided to drop the Joint Commission certification. We assure you however, that we will maintain all the standards of care that have distinguished our organization throughout the many years that we have been in practice of diagnostic imaging and pain management. Additionally, HMI will continue to adhere to the standards of the American College of Radiology and will shortly complete certification of all major imaging modalities.

We thank you for your trust, support and friendship.

Mona Bloom, MD
James Cain III, MD
Marcos Calderon, MD
Gregory S. Chapman, MD
David Gonzalez, MD
Linda Hankins, MD
Michael A. Modelski, MD
John J. Pagani, MD
R. Scott Staewen, MD
Randall Stenoien, MD